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    User Guides

    Right. Don't rely on one setting to work effectively at all times. During the test, you need to look for several settings, and before the game itself, do a test without bets and look at the results - is it worth starting the game. This is usually determined by the results of the game and if the numbers win within 11 spins.
  2. FCRoll

    User Guides

    Recently I saw in the Russian section an interesting technique from Igor for playing with DoubleMagnit V2. What do you think about this? I tested it and it seemed to me that this method has every chance of being considered the best for the beta version of DoubleMagnit V2.
  3. FCRoll

    Playing Live Roulette Rules

    Live roulette is not suitable for everyone, I agree, but understand yourself. In RNG you play against the computer and there are no guarantees. And in live roulette you play with other players against the casino. This already at least increases the chances. Yes, it's not so convenient to play with delays between spins, but the main thing is stability, right? We have already seen what settings the player who records the video on YouTube uses and we understand all the principles and even the game guides were provided to us. All that is required of the player is just desire and patience.
  4. FCRoll

    Happy new year!

    I'm looking at this topic already in the Russian branch, but not in the English one. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Be happy and love each other! Happiness to everyone in the new year!
  5. FCRoll

    Playing Live Roulette Rules

    Still, for Live Roulette there are time limits for playing and changing tables. This is not surprising since RNG has a similar system. But when playing with live dealers, although it takes more time and balance, you feel more confident.
  6. FCRoll

    How to choose Live Roulette

    If you play with low stakes, then you have nothing to fear. If this is RNG, then there is a calculation on your statistics - how much you have already won and the percentage will decrease gradually. In Live Roulette, the priority of losing is only on those who bet a lot. Therefore, you do not need to worry and think that the game is against you. This applies specifically to studio casinos. On the ground in this regard, everything is calm.
  7. FCRoll

    New Year's Eve Update!

    Without a doubt, everyone who tries SpinMagnit understands that this is not an empty name. The program works and the results are incomparable with other programs. Moreover, this is a game for only 3 numbers, and new guides talk about how to double the efficiency when using a second SpinMagnit.
  8. So, when update with new guides will be come?
  9. So says the user who recorded this video. After all, he switched to using two SpinMagnits at the same time and writes in the comments that the game is more stable this way.
  10. FCRoll

    Which Setting Best for RNG

    The settings are changed when there was a win 2 times after 11th spins in a row, or if 2 reset was made on 17th spins. Such situations are rare, more often there is 1 reset per session, and when 2 it is completely bad with the setting. I would like to advise you to watch the video of a guy who writes Live video on YouTube with SpinMagnit. It's not for nothing that he's playing with two SpinMagnit programs in Live. At some point, he had difficulty playing with one program and started using two, but each has different settings. Just try to use two programs, as in his video. Practice RNG. There will already be not 3, but 5 or 6 numbers. But the main thing is to pay attention to the principle of betting - how he bets and what he does after winning. There is no need to linger and play roulette for more than 20-30 minutes.
  11. FCRoll

    Which Setting Best for RNG

    No one does tests on Live. Playing with the dealer is after you have understood how to use the program. In RNG you will quickly learn how to use SpinMagnit and DoubleMagnit. You will understand when to change settings, when to stop and how to stabilize the game. The first 2 days of tests are designed for this. And the developers recommend the settings 15-15-15 (GF1-GF2-GF3) and 40-40-40 with DA ON (Deep analysis) enabled. If the winnings are more frequent after the 11th spin, then turn on the safe mode SM ON 10. Increase the value of the safe mode to reduce the progression. You can see the rest of the settings on the program channel, with which settings you played in a particular roulette or casino. Try to experiment with the settings yourself, often it helps to win more than 100% in one session.
  12. FCRoll

    Discount on Unlimited Package!

    Discounts is good, but i more like the video with results. User is play aggressive, but win much more. If you have noticed, in this video the player received new numbers only 3 times and doubled the balance. He didn’t have to win 10 or more times playing only on 3 numbers and he significantly reduced the time of the game by placing bets using this method.
  13. FCRoll

    Technical help

    It is good if you need to see which numbers have already been played before making a bet and when you play not only by numbers. But I like SpinMagnit more. It's cooler and more comfortable.
  14. Just a fan of FC Barcelona. I don't know anyone from the UK. The forum has certain rules, so confidential user information is not published. Everything to protect us as users of SpinMagnit and DoubleMagnit from the casino, support says. And why do you need someone from the UK?
  15. I also learned a little useful information from the above. It’s most difficult to get to everything, it’s good when some people try to write questions for general discussion. So you walk around the forum and find all the answers to your guesses.

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