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  1. Emilien

    Checked Live, Auto roulettes

    I'm familiar with this. Better when there are several casinos. In one game every day it is inappropriate to play. You need to pause. It's a big mistake to win today and come back tomorrow. It is better to go to another casino the next day. There should be a pause and take a day off from one casino and not enter the next day.
  2. Emilien

    User Guides

    This betting method is better if the numbers fall within 10-15 spins.
  3. Emilien

    Happy new year!

    I drank champagne, beer, caviar ... A little bit of everything and celebrated the new year) Happy holiday everyone!
  4. Emilien

    Checked Live, Auto roulettes

    When choosing Live Roulette, you cannot be guided only by the presence of a video broadcast. I have already come across roulettes, where a broadcast was used that was recorded and spun in a circle. Be careful not to make my mistakes.
  5. Emilien

    Playing Live Roulette Rules

    These things are self-evident, because those who play carefully in order to earn money must adhere to reasonable boundaries for the results to be stable. If you play for luck and make crazy bets, you can win a lot, but only once, and not always. In general, balance decides a lot. Provides freedom and confidence. When you try to play on little things with 50$, you can't move. It's like driving in a one-seater car. Trite air is not enough.
  6. And if the developers just add a mode for playing with 6 numbers, wouldn't it be more convenient?
  7. Emilien

    Technical help

    I apologize if my question seems incorrect. But which is better, SpinMagnit or Karuzo Software? Recently I see that they have a lot of updates and it is interesting to know what you think.
  8. It seems to me a pointless undertaking. What is the point of collecting more than 3 numbers in SpinMagnit? Do you want to dial a certain number of numbers to test when the winnings come? It all depends on the roulette you are playing. Somewhere you can do without safe mode, but somewhere you just can't play without it. Everything has been invented for a long time. Although one player with two spin magnets shows good results. Such another option is quite possible. And you offer something not quite clear.
  9. It is best to play licensed games. If the casino is not popular, then it has script roulettes controlled by the casino. This is easily determined by the fact that the games that are in the casino are not available in other casinos. And licensed ones work on the side of the provider - the software provider for the casino. Therefore, all licensed casinos have the same games. Support recommends playing games from the manufacturers Microgaming, PlayTech, BetSoft and NetEnt
  10. 5 programs instead of 2 are certainly better)) I understand that there 3 of them are test ones, but nevertheless, the algorithms are different for everyone and there are more options for the game.
  11. Emilien

    New Year's discounts!

    I play with safe mode, and result is good. I can double balance without trouble. Need some time to get numbers for bet, but its not problem.
  12. Emilien

    New Year's discounts!

    Hi guys! I took the test period specifically at a discount and honestly surprised! Support helps you figure it out, tells you where to play, what settings to use, how to adapt to roulette and in general everything is cool! I am only testing the program so far, but the results have already been. I can recommend it! It’s worth a try.
  13. Emilien

    New Year's discounts!

    A familiar situation for me. In general, I don’t play much, I work a lot. Purely for a hobby, but I think it's worth a try.
  14. Emilien

    DoubleMagnit leaves beta test!

    Update is look good! Last video is impressed. RacerGT is show good result, but i think its all by DoubleMagnit.
  15. К чему такая осторожность? Разве нельзя выигрывать весь день?

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