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  1. GutFrau27

    User Guides

    Perhaps you are right, I also used only V2 and did not switch to new versions, tk. it is more convenient for me to play with it and my game on it is more stable. Igor's technique is certainly interesting. Thanks to her, a new theory of the analysis of repeated numbers appears.
  2. GutFrau27

    Happy new year!

    Hello! Happy New Year everyone! Who noted how? We rested with our family, happily celebrated the New Year with our family.
  3. GutFrau27

    New Year's Eve Update!

    SpinMagnit is suitable for both RNG and Live roulette, while DoubleMagnit is only for RNG. They have different work algorithms. SpinMagnit analyzes the sequence, and DoubleMagnit re-appears numbers.
  4. GutFrau27

    Which Setting Best for RNG

    That's why you need to devote more time to tests. When playing RNG, attention is primarily paid to the number of repetitions of numbers. If the numbers were drawn evenly, but the win did not come before the 17th spin, the bets continue until the 21st spin, or until 23. This is provided that the numbers were drawn mostly evenly. If you have a lot of orange or purple numbers (more than 3), then you should fold already on the 17th back, or earlier. You can skip 50 spins on RNG and start the game over if you had to reset numbers after spin 17. If the numbers fall out unevenly again, you should play with DoubleMagnit. It is best when numbers win more often before the 11th spin. When winning after the 17th spin is no longer considered good, especially several times in a row, the GF1-GF2-GF3 settings should be revised. DA ON is mandatory. If, when playing with safe mode, a reset often occurs and you cannot get numbers, then you need to reduce the size of SM ON. The reset occurs because the numbers are winning before the end of the analysis. Therefore, you need to either reduce the value of the safe mode, or turn it off altogether if such a situation arises with the standard setting of SM ON 10.
  5. GutFrau27

    Which Setting Best for RNG

    Always play with SpinMagnit first. If you see that many numbers are marked in orange or purple (more than 3), then you should be on your guard. After all, SpinMagnit works better when numbers are drawn evenly and the drop indicators are marked only in blue. In this case, SpinMagnit works fine even without Safe Mode. If you see much orange numbers in the program, then you should play with safe mode, or DoubleMagnit.
  6. GutFrau27

    Safe mode

    Maybe you don't read guide about Modern settings? Use variant #2 settings like on picture from guide. And about versions DoubleMagnit - V1 and V2 is more faster give numbers with this settings, but V3 and V4 has a more complex selection algorithm due to which more numbers are needed even with such settings.
  7. GutFrau27

    Safe mode

    Don't forget about SpinMagnit - when you have 3-5 purple numbers - need play with DoubleMagnit.
  8. GutFrau27

    DoubleMagnit v4 + Access for beta-versions

    Now everything works as it should! Thanks to the developer! I have been waiting for this update for a long time, I'm glad that they heard me.
  9. GutFrau27

    DoubleMagnit v4 + Access for beta-versions

    But I like the possibility of rolling back to previous versions, which I was comfortable playing with. You need to get used to the new version and it requires more time.
  10. GutFrau27

    DoubleMagnit v4 + Access for beta-versions

    Finally waited! I’ve recorded a video on the beta version of DoubleMagnit. With version v2, I could not figure it out well. It is interesting to try the new v3 and v4. Thank you for making me happy!
  11. GutFrau27

    DoubleMagnit - Security sensors

    Guys, you need to look at the number of numbers for the game, as well as the number of numbers for analysis. Try to play on a smaller number of numbers - an example of 2 or 3, or 4 optimally. When playing on 5 numbers, the game is less stable over a long distance. It is easily customizable.
  12. GutFrau27

    Special 50% discount on all packages!

    Your mistake is that you are in a hurry somewhere. Understand that if you tune into the game 1 time, then you will have working settings for Live, which you do not need to change. Maybe that's why most hides the results of the game and settings.
  13. GutFrau27

    Special 50% discount on all packages!

    Of course, the result is good. Winning comes in the optimal range, as described in the manuals. In the second video, the user could stop earlier and the gain would be greater. From myself I’ll say that in Live Roulette you should always close the numbers around the main ones. This does not mean betting on numbers, but around the main compliment. Then the balance is kept in place, despite the constant increase in rates. This is a method I personally tested and I approve of it!
  14. GutFrau27

    DoubleMagnit leaves beta test!

    I watched your video. The result is stable. A prolonged game turned out for you, but the result is worth it.
  15. GutFrau27

    DoubleMagnit - Modern settings

    Definitely can not be said. Apparently you do not understand the principle of the program. Modified settings expand the list of supported roulettes. This means that if the standard settings do not give a positive result over a long distance, you should try modified settings.

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