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  1. It is not yet known, but it has already been officially confirmed that work on new guidelines is underway. So soon something will be known.
  2. RacerGT

    Which Setting Best for RNG

    Therefore, it is necessary to understand how the program algorithm works. Without this it is difficult to experiment with the settings.
  3. RacerGT

    Which Setting Best for RNG

    SpinMagnit - analyzes the sequence of the drawn numbers on the roulette and adapts to the roulette generation. It is most effective when the numbers are drawn evenly on the roulette wheel. DoubleMagnit - analyzes duplicate numbers and determines the likelihood of their recurrence. Most effective when repeating numbers on a roulette wheel frequently.
  4. RacerGT

    Discount on Unlimited Package!

    It is definitely difficult to say, because everything depends on the time that you are ready to devote to the tests, but there is a user channel on YouTube who recorded the first video with SpinMagnit after a week of play and then wins with it in live Live roulettes and record more than 10 videos with real play on Live. Week is not much with 1 hour tests everyday before play on real. You shouldn't rush with the programs, all the time the game is played at minimum stakes and before the game, demo tests are required for the first few days. If you have only 1 hour free time per day you need demo practice for 3-5 days before start play real. Start always with 0.10$-0.25$ bets not more. You can raise bets only after you double balance.
  5. RacerGT

    Discount on Unlimited Package!

    Everyone plays as he wants. By adhering to the rules and guidelines, you can win 100% of the balance.
  6. I usually look at the results with the same settings. I played a little at one roulette, then at another. First, on standard settings, I do a test without bets. Just looking when the win comes. If the gain comes up to the 11th spin more often than between 11-17, then the settings are in order. This is what support says. I just go through the roulettes and the available settings, and where the result is optimal, I start playing. In principle, nothing complicated, only it takes time to prepare to choose a game table.
  7. RacerGT

    Special 50% discount on all packages!

    If he played only 3 numbers, then he would not do repetitions of the winning numbers. He just wanted to balance in a short time.
  8. RacerGT

    Special 50% discount on all packages!

    I liked the girls at the beginning of the video) Real models! But real dealers are not so beautiful...
  9. RacerGT

    New Year's discounts!

    Great news! More often such discounts). Not only New Year holidays happen.
  10. RacerGT

    DoubleMagnit leaves beta test!

    Thank you for your feedback! It turned out pretty well. Still, DoubleMagnit has potential. I have not tried it with a dealer yet. After all, basically I only play RNG.
  11. RacerGT

    DoubleMagnit - Security sensors

    I support! You should sometimes look at the sensors to prevent mistakes. In general, following the system of rates and the correct progression, you can already have the optimal result. A lot of time is spent on testing and preparation, but after the game goes smoothly.
  12. RacerGT

    DoubleMagnit leaves beta test!

    Cool! But is it worth switching to DoubleMagnit when everything works as it should with SpinMagnit?
  13. RacerGT

    Update SpinMagnit and DoubleMagnit

    Good news! I have already received an update letter and downloaded new versions of programs. I will test it and unsubscribe about the result.
  14. RacerGT

    Discounts for customers and ordering

    Nice! Its very good news for all ho want play with this super tool! Maybe i can try to record some video where i'am play.
  15. RacerGT

    Progression calculation

    Keep in mind that when playing on a standard progression on 3 numbers, you win every step of the progression up to a maximum of 33 chips. Therefore, standard progression may not be profitable to play. I personally do not try to follow her. If I am sure that everything is in order, then I increase after every 5th spin.

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