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  1. Mysterio

    Happy new year!

    Good topic, it's good that you can congratulate everyone. I have been playing with SpinMagnit for a long time and am more confident in it than in other programs, but today is the last day of 2020. There is very little left until the new year. Congratulations to everyone reading this, especially those users who helped in the early stages when I was just starting to delve into SpinMagnit. All happiness and happy holidays!
  2. Mysterio

    How to choose Live Roulette

    The differences described in the guide are related not only to the frankness of land-based roulette wheels streamed from the casino, but also because land-based casinos use a completely different roulette ball that does not jump out of the slots as in studio roulette. This is undoubtedly important and gives confidence to the game.
  3. Mysterio

    Discount on Unlimited Package!

    Before the game, a test is always done to check the official settings. The most optimal settings are when the win comes before the 11th spin. If there are delays up to 17, then the settings should be revised or need change dealer, or roulette. Usually the game is played up to spin 17. There is no point in taking risks above, because more often the numbers play quickly, and if a delay occurs, then a reset is made and change table. SpinMagnit and DoubleMagnit can be tricky to understand. It takes time for tests and you can't rush to play for a real account until you understand how to use the programs. At least the first 2 days should be given to tests. Therefore, there are test packages to test the operation of programs and understand whether you are ready to use them. Whoever understands how to work with them takes an unlimited package. There is no point in rushing right away, but support always helps.
  4. Mysterio

    Technical help

    I completely agree! Everyone chooses for himself how it is more convenient for him to play, with what settings and rates. I tried different programs, but the main problem of all programs is the limitation in configuration. Here in SpinMagnit you can test many settings and find the best option for the game. And in free programs this is not, and I have not seen this in other programs. This is a huge plus!
  5. If you test settings before play on real, just tape on numbers SpinMagnit and look on BET size. It show how much bet on numbers for play without much risk for bankroll. If you just tape numbers on SpinMagnit, and just spin roulette without bet, you can see the result off your settings. If BET show more than 2 - your settings is not good and you need watch carefully on the table. If you see repeating numbers or one color on roulette is playing or one column - just reset your bets and play with new numbers or just click free 50 spins before start test or play again with same, or new settings. If no more than BET 2 - your settings is optimal for play.
  6. Mysterio

    Safe mode

    I agree. Nevertheless, I use the settings from the manuals and they work well. Therefore, it makes no sense to hide them. I’m not afraid of casinos, because I’m sure that they cannot follow the running programs on my computer.
  7. Mysterio

    Safe mode

    I using settings 15-15-15 and 40-40-40 with DA ON + SM ON 20.
  8. Mysterio

    Safe mode

    Safe mode is also great for playing live roulette. I see that the opinions of the players differ, but the channel already has examples of how to win with safe mode. If you compare Live with RNG, then the difference in the cost of time for the game is big, because in Live it takes a lot of time to analyze, while in RNG you can literally achieve the same result in 10 minutes. But if we talk about stability, then in Live the game is more stable as for me. This, as for me, compensates for the time spent on analysis.
  9. Mysterio

    Special 50% discount on all packages!

    It is better to adhere to the rules described in the manuals. As described, it is best to win 100% of the initial balance. That is, he doubled his balance and finished the game for today. It will be possible to continue tomorrow. Then there will be no such swing. But everything was smooth, everything went well and the gain came quickly. It's just that at the end the bets really exceeded the norm.
  10. Mysterio

    Special 50% discount on all packages!

    I also noticed one moment. He plays with safe mode for 3 numbers when the program shows 2. That is, one of the 3 numbers has already been played and he repeats the bet on everything. By the way, I tried this option. It is not necessary to wait for safe mode to give 3 numbers with a large value - the main condition is that 1 out of 3 numbers falls before the bet and then you can safely bet on all 3.
  11. Mysterio

    DoubleMagnit leaves beta test!

    No. DoubleMagnit comes with SpinMagnit specifically to expand the list of supported games. Each roulette is different. In some, the first program shows itself well, in others the second. They complement each other. If there are no problems with the game, then there is no point in switching, my personal opinion.
  12. Mysterio

    Update SpinMagnit and DoubleMagnit

    I completely agree!
  13. Mysterio

    Safe mode

    I saw how Kumar33 uses this method. I used it when playing with standard progression, but his method is pretty good, both to save time and for quick results.
  14. Mysterio

    Update SpinMagnit and DoubleMagnit

    Well the story is this. For example, I do not really need it, but fine-tuning the safe mode is already interesting! Indeed, sometimes even SM ON 10 is a lot for the game. I want to set a value less. Wait less and miss less. Therefore, this update with SpinMagnit, then what i need! 🤩

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