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    Roulette is not just about clicking buttons. This is a mathematical game. It is no coincidence that mathematicians became the winners of roulettes. The whole principle lies in the approach and each method of playing with SpinMagnit or DoubleMagnit has its own algorithm of work. Not everyone notices on the roulette a series of the same color, the same number 3 times, or frequent repetitions. They just don't pay attention to it. A good setting is when you win up to spin 11 more often than up to 17. And if you have difficulties with setting, you should change the program and also make adaptation. After the 17th spin, no bets are made using the same settings. Trying to change the settings or the program.

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    This is enough to start to understand the importance of table limits, as well as to understand a little about the progression. After all, the results of playing roulette depend not so much on luck as on determination and decision-making ability. Indeed, in the process of playing, you encounter various difficulties, which help to deal with experience, as well as attentiveness when reading the manuals. It is not a fact that you will immediately have results that can be envied. After all, you first need to adapt and understand how it works. It is not always possible to win more than the casino gives. Therefore, you should not play all the way. Forget greed and play carefully.

    New Year's Eve Update!

    How to play with two copies and what features of the progression I already understood, because here is simple mathematics and the theory of relativity in action. The guides are useful for beginners to understand how experienced players can play. But you shouldn't think of roulette as an easy game.
  4. There is a difference and it is significant. If the developers add an analysis for 6 numbers, then the analysis will be performed using the same setting. The peculiarity of the method of playing with two SpinMagnits is the use of two successful settings at the same time. Each program has its own settings and since these settings were pre-selected by the user as the most effective, it is highly likely that one of the programs will win. In this case, the probability is higher than when playing for 6 numbers with the same settings.

    Which Setting Best for RNG

    That's right, in this case a reset is done. Because we set up the program for one dealer and get the results just by playing with one dealer. If there is a change, then the settings may not be suitable for playing with this dealer, or this dealer often throws out the same numbers. If this happens during a bet, then a reset should be made. It is very risky to continue betting according to the old settings after changing the dealer. It is not known how much the generation of numbers will change, but it is better to start the game over. Reset and play the game again, or move to another table if this dealer often generates the same numbers, or you have an unstable result with this dealer. It should be understood that in the event of the first difficulties, we never take risks. We just reset and start over, or change the roulette, if it's RNG, or the dealer or table, if it's Live. The programs work well when the settings match the roulette generation algorithm, which is determined by the number of repetitions of numbers during 10-15 spins. The more repetitions, the less stable the game with SpinMagnit, but more confident with DoubleMagnit. In this way, both programs complement each other.

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    If you are a beginner, then first you need to choose a casino in which you will play effectively. Support not in vain recommends playing only in popular casinos and only licensed games. The point is that licensed roulettes, even RNGs, guarantee that you can win something in them. But, you shouldn't dwell on RNG. It has already been said above that this is just a slot, and slots have a peculiarity - whether to let you win or not. Therefore, if the first difficulties arise in the selected roulette, you need to change it and move on to the next one. It is important that the casino where you play has a lot of games from different manufacturers. An example is NetEnt, BetSoft, PlayTech, Microgaming. These are licensed roulettes from well-known providers. But I don't recommend sticking with RNG. For the test, this format is more than suitable. But for regular results, most likely not. This can be avoided, you just do not need to risk above spin 17. And this situation can arise 1 time while you double your balance. It is important to stop and change the roulette in this case and start over. It doesn't matter if it's RNG or Live.

    Discount on Unlimited Package!

    Better to play as written in the manuals. Won 100% - Completed the game for today. Don't be greedy. The player is not recording his first video on video and he successfully uses this rule. I know for myself that everything works well.

    Safe mode

    It will be more correct if you play according to the "Modified settings" manual with option #2 when numbers on the roulette are repeated frequently. About 3-5 repetitions in 10-15 spins is already common. Default setting is designed for 1-2 repetitions within 15 spins, and option #1 on "Modified settings" is even more suitable for playing when numbers are rarely repeated once in 10-15 spins. But when numbers are so rarely repeated, it's better to play with SpinMagnit.

    DoubleMagnit v4 + Access for beta-versions

    Since you want to play, it’s pointless. Playing on colors is not profitable. And trying to determine the color of the received numbers from programs may not be entirely correct. You can try it with DoubleMagnit, but with SpinMagnit it’s not worth it. DoubleMagnit gives the same results, so I don’t know what you mean. And SpinMagnit works with dynamic offsets to confuse the roulette algorithm. Each roulette sets an offset to numbers and with the help of SpinMagnit you can adjust to the generation of roulette by setting your own offset settings. That is why the results may vary, but even their values can be adjusted and improved results. You just need to understand that DoubleMagnit works when repetitions occur more often, and SpinMagnit works when configured correctly, but there are times when it is difficult to configure it - then you should look at the repetition frequency of numbers in roulette, and if the numbers are really repeated often, or the same one plays color often - DoubleMagnit is used. I generally do not consider the game by chances, dozens or colors. Play by numbers is most profitable. You just need to immediately notice the difference between a good and a bad setup and you need to understand that the same setup does not always work every day.

    DoubleMagnit v4 + Access for beta-versions

    To play the right game, you need to understand the principles of both programs. SpinMagnit goes through a ton of options for how to confuse roulette. The principle of its tuning and fine tuning is built on this - this is the level at which the calculation is performed. Therefore, the settings are tested from minimum to maximum to find the level at which numbers play more often. This is the principle of the first program. DoubleMagnit only analyzes hot numbers, so when numbers stop repeating, or rarely repeat, it has difficulty. And it is important to understand that the higher its setting - the better it is for moments when repetitions are rare, and the lower its setting - the more efficient and faster it will produce results when backs are more often repeated. I think this will be enough for you to understand the principles of setting up both programs. It is difficult to get to this, but if you have the desire and always write in support, then the results improve. These are two serious tools that you only need to learn to use in order to achieve a result. If we talk about the difference between playing roulette with a live dealer or automatic roulette, then there is a difference. Dealers have a signature. When changing the dealer, the situation on the table can change dramatically and then it may be necessary to change the settings. And when the roulette algorithm without a dealer changes, it's hard to see right away. In such cases, caution and careful probing of other settings are necessary, possibly without bets after start bet with new settings. Its help every time, but need more time, its all.

    DoubleMagnit v4 + Access for beta-versions

    It's good that you can read the features of the algorithm of previous versions before downloading the beta versions. This simplifies the understanding of logic and how to work with them.

    DoubleMagnit v4 + Access for beta-versions

    You can try to use immediately 2-3 DoubleMagnit to determine which algorithm works best for a particular roulette, so as not to waste time testing each.

    Safe mode

    You should understand that the functions built into SpinMagnit and DoubleMagnit allow you to adapt to any roulette. Therefore, not all players talk about their settings. It takes a little time and practice. But if you have time for tests, the results will certainly be.

    Checked Live, Auto roulettes

    It doesn’t matter what roulette you play - it’s important which settings you use. The same setting does not always work in different roulettes. But when you are tuned in, you don’t have to change it and you can play plus. It’s rare when you have to change settings. Apparently the roulette algorithm is not static and is updated over time. But if you have patience, you can always adapt to any roulette. Even in Live, the roulette algorithm may be different, because of this there is a difference in the result with the same setting. In RNG you can always tune in to Demo, and in Live only by the results and evaluation of the history of spins.

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    Competently played - short sessions, change of tables, minimum bets with closing of external numbers.

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