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  1. goldengrill

    Special 50% discount on all packages!

    Yeah i watch all of the player videos he/she needs to stick the rules and not go pass the limits of the game
  2. goldengrill

    Special 50% discount on all packages!

    Why my comment remove?
  3. goldengrill

    New Year's discounts!

    Is the site supporters away?
  4. goldengrill

    New Year's discounts!

    I send u and email question?
  5. goldengrill

    New Year's discounts!

    I try the free version spinmagnit on safemode 10 and the progression was long as 27,but sometimes u win early sometimes its late, i thought safemode reduce progression??
  6. goldengrill

    New Year's discounts!

    How are the results with real money play?
  7. goldengrill

    What's happening

    Ok but why developer says it 1-3 progression u get gains with right settings,I'm trying to figure out this before I rent the 10 days,I wanna earn back what I invest
  8. goldengrill

    What's happening

    Hi does it ever goes pass the maximum 17 spins when u play
  9. goldengrill

    What's happening

    Hi what's highest progression with safemode on value 20 or higher since the risk is less?

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