Discounts for the activity

After the purchase

For all subsequent packages, including lease extension

15% Discount
Constructive feedback

Feedback describing the experience and results

+20% Discount
Writing guides

Share your play method with SpinMagnit or DoubleMagnit

+10 Days
Video game recording

We accept videos with the game for a real account

+5/10 Days

Answers to questions

Each SpinMagnit user can get a one-time 20% discount for posting a review.

The method must be unique and not copy the manual. Each guide is validated for effectiveness before publication.

The video with the game is strictly for a real account using the SpinMagnit and DoubleMagnit programs. The publication is made on the official channel.

The discount is calculated manually. Contact support and agree on a review, guide, or video.

The discount for a review is available only once. Bonus days for guides and game videos are unlimited.

RNG roulette games are rewarded with up to 5 days of bonus. Live Roulette game up to 10 days bonus.